Welcome to the Ontario Environment Network.

Welcome to the Ontario Environment Network (OEN) website! We are a non-profit, non-governmental network coordinating the efforts of over 500 Ontario environmental groups working towards and promoting protection of the environment.

The OEN offers many services: we provide a central referral service for anyone seeking environmental information, organize workshops and conferences, publish resource materials, facilitate issue-specific caucuses, and maintain a database of Ontario environmental groups as well as a delegate database for public consultations.

Time to renew!

It's time to renew your membership, or join! Your membership fee gives you access to many benefits and services from Group Insurance to a Community Forum - plus free publicity such as inclusion in our newsletter and directory.!

AssociCom Community Shut Down Notice

Effective March 1st, the OEN will be shutting down the AssociCom Tool. Existing users should download their files from the library by this date. We are investigating other communications solutions and will keep you updated. Please let us know if you have any questions!

New Caucuses - Biodiversity and Indigenous

At our 2014 Annual Conference, AGM and Networking event on May 3rd, we passed a motion to create a new Biodiversity Caucus, and create in principle an Indigenous Caucus. If your group is interested in these issues, these caucuses are for you!

OEN AGM and Networking Event - May 3 2014

Planning for the future: Build your capacity and make the most of your resources

On May 3rd we held our 2014 Annual Conference, AGM and Networking event at Metro Hall Toronto. This one day free event included a number of informative sessions. Learn new capacity building tools; discover how to prepare for the new Ontario Not-for-Profit Act; and learn how to ensure your group is compliant with the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law. Minutes, slides, audio visual presentations and photos from the day are available.