Biodiversity Caucus

1. 2011 - 2020 is the United Nations Decade on BioDiversity;
2. There are International, National, and Provincial BioDiversity Strategies;
3. There is a Biodiversity Council of Ontario (BCO) and the Ontario Environment Network is a recognized member of the BCO;
4. The Ontario Environment Network has a Policy for the creation of caucuses;
5. Plenty Canada, Halton Peel BioDiversity Network, and Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources have reviewed the Caucus Policy and are seeking the initiation of the BioDiversitycaucus;
6. The groups seeking to create the BioDiversity Caucus have met the Caucus Policy.


The Ontario Environment Network establish a BioDiversity Caucus. The BioDiversity Caucus work will include, but is not limited to:

  • supporting and forwarding BioDiversity Strategies and Action Plans
  • creating an enabling and inclusive environment to foster progressive policy
  • educate and mainstream BioDiversity across all sectors in Ontario.

Interested in joining this caucus? email: caucus (at)