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What is the Ontario Environmental Directory?

The Ontario Environmental Directory is a comprehensive, searchable directory of hundreds of environmental groups, organizations, agencies and websites across Ontario, Canada. It is publicly available on the internet at: www.oen.ca/dir/

The directory can be browsed or searched by name, location, keyword or area of interest. For each organization listed, the directory includes a description; contact information; location; a list of issues the organization is involved with; and if available, a website link. To use the directory, please go to the directory homepage.

Who is it for?

The goal of the directory is to make it easier to find information, resources, people and organizations in areas of interest to you. There is something for everyone: students, teachers, civil servants, volunteers, journalists, business people – and everyone else interested in a better environment.

For example, potential volunteers can use the directory to find groups with which they would like to work. Students can use it for career planning or to do research for school projects. Government staff will find it a rich source of participants for consultations. Groups and organizations can use it to improve networking, communication and to reduce duplication of effort. Business people and entrepreneurs can use it to find ideas and resources for new services and products.

We hope this will increase the openness and effectiveness of environmental initiatives in Ontario – and help to foster a healthier, more sustainable province for all.

How can I submit a listing?

There are many benefits to listing in the Ontario Environmental Directory.

To add a new listing, please use the new listing form. To update a listing or report an error, please use the update form. If you notice any errors or omissions, please let us know!

Alternatively, if you are joining or renewing your membership with the OEN, you can print off the Membership Form and either mail or fax it to us.

Listing in the Ontario Environmental Directory is free of charge. However, it is supported by membership – please consider becoming a member of the Ontario Environment Network today. Please see our membership page, benefits of listing in the directory, or contact us for more information.

Where did it come from?

The Ontario Environmental Directory went on-line in late 2003, based on the Ontario Environment Network's database of organizations across Ontario. The listings are compiled and maintained by the Ontario Environment Network. Website and database design is by Peter Blanchard.

The Ontario Environment Network and other regional networks across Canada contribute their listings to the Canadian Environmental Network. Many of these regional networks have their own provincial directories – see their websites or contact them directly for referrals.

Who is included?

Any group, organization or agency in Ontario that does work related to environmental issues is welcome to submit a listing.

Note that "environment" can include topics that people don't always think of as "environmental", such as organic food, fair trade and peace (war being a major cause of environmental destruction).

The directory includes environmental non-governmental organizations, multi-sectoral organizations, government agencies, Aboriginal People's organizations and governing bodies, Green Communities, Stewardship Councils, Conservation Authorities, and Remedial Action Plans.

The directory includes OEN members and subscribers as well as non-members. It also includes multi-sectoral and other organizations which do not qualify for full membership in the Ontario Environment Network, yet are useful to know.

Help spread the word

Please support the directory – your input and assistance can help make the directory a truly valuable resource for Ontario:

  • Publicity – please link to the directory and mention it in your newsletter or e-mail list. Feel free to use any or all of the text on our publicity page: media release, launch announcement, poster, flyer, suggested links, interviews.
  • Research & maintenance – if you notice any errors or omissions, please let us know. To add a new listing, please use the submission form. To update or correct a listing, please use the update form. If you notice any technical problems, please contact us
  • Volunteer – you can help with the directory from your home or at the OEN office. For example, we are seeking somebody with graphic design expertise for assistance with our poster, flyer or the directory itself (online and in print). We're also seeking somebody with a knack for promotion (online, media, or in larger communities such as Toronto and Ottawa). Please contact the coordinator and/or the directory designer to discuss the possibilities.
  • Financial support – your membership and donations are welcome and needed.


This project has been made possible by a generous contribution to the project partners, the Ontario Environment Network and the Resource Library for the Environment and the Law from the Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation, part of the portfolio of the Toronto Community Foundation.

Design, database & programming

The directory and on-line database was designed by Peter Blanchard.

The directory software is available for sale to other environmental networks and nonprofit organizations. For more information, please contact Peter Blanchard.

The Directory is based on Open Source technology (HTML, PHP and MySQL).

More information

For more information, please contact the Ontario Environment Network.

Thank you for your interest in the Ontario Environmental Directory!

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