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Ad Hoc Committee to Save Concord West
Acronym: SCW

Description: The Ad Hoc Committee to Save Concord West is a grassroots community organization formed to protect a heritage greenspace and river ravine system in Vaughan, Ontario. This area follows the West Don River and is ecologically and geographically integral to Vaughan's Bartley Smith Greenway, a l5 kilometre trail that follows the river, beginning at Steeles Avenue, near Dufferin Street. The Concord West Greenspace lies between the Marita Payne portion of the Greenway just north of Steeles, and the Langstaff Ecopark, just north of Rivermede and continuing up to Langstaff Road. The parkland and trails of Marita Payne Park, thanks to the environmental stewardship it has received, are now considered to be amongst the most beautiful in Vaughan. Wildlife is abundant. The Langstaff Ecopark, just north of Concord West, is a valley that, also with dedicated stewardship, was transformed with new marshlands, and is now the largest constructed wetland in Ontario. Thousands of new trees and shrubs were planted, which has resulted in an explosion of wildlife - birds, beavers, foxes, birds, snakes, turtles and frogs, and many other species. The Keffer Marsh, at the southern part of the Ecopark, also lies on the Greenway, just north of Concord West, and was described by TRCA's Watershed Management Advisory Board, in October of 2007, as "the most significant natural regeneration area in the upper West Don". Some Endangered and some Protected species rely specifically on the Concord West portion of the landscape system and upon its integrity with the rest of the Greenway. With Marita Payne to the south and the Langstaff Ecopark to the north, the Concord West Greenspace is situated at a critical, central linkage point in the Greenway. It is also, for our residents, the last walkable point of access with the natural heritage of Vaughan, and has been treasured by the community for generations. The Ministry of Transportation, in direct opposition to the community of Concord West, has planned to implace a massive intermodal transit hub meters from our small residential community, and right on top of the Concord West Greenspace. We maintain this will result in a critical loss of habitat, will fragment the fragile and vital wildlife connection corridor currently afforded by the Greenway System and will severely impact the habitat and reclamation efforts north and south of us. Such a facility will send its noise and air pollution into our community, endangering our households, and its toxic runoff will run right into the river, which, just north, in the Ecopark, and south in Marita Payne, has been the subject of such concerted rehabilitation initiatives. The community of Concord West is calling for immediate transfer of this area to the TRCA and for granting the stewardship rights that the residents have been requesting for many years now. Visit us at www.saveconcordwest.org and lend your voice to the growing opposition to this extraordinarily poor planning decision.

E-mail: saveconcordwest@... (click to compose message)
Website: www.saveconcordwest.org

Vaughan ON  

Contact 1: Alexandra Correa
Contact 2:

Issues: Biodiversity and Wildlife; Outdoor Recreation; Wilderness and Parks; Wildlife Protection (Endangered Species, Hunting); Ecology and Society; Habitat Restoration; Transportation; Hazardous Waste; Urban and Land Management; Land Use Conflict; Sustainable Communities/Community Development; Watershed Restoration

OEN: Non-member
ID: 2129

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