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Dad's Against Dirty Air
Acronym: DADA

Description: DADA (Dads Against Dirty Air) - Parents join forces to stop idling school buses and cars. Most people see someone idling their vehicle but do nothing about it. It could be a neighbour idling in their driveway for 20 minutes, someone talking on the phone in a parking lot, or a row of parents or school buses idling in front of a group of kids every day at school parking lots. But the NO-IDLING ADVOCATE doesnt have to feel alone any longer! They can simply join with other frustrated citizens who want to do 'something' to stop the hours of unnecessary idling at schools and in their neighbourhoods each day. DADA hopes to pull together like-minded citizens in Communities across Canada to carry a common voice and message to idling school bus drivers, parents and transit drivers...PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR ENGINES WHEN PARKED. (Full Statement at: http://www.dadacanada.com/index.php\?option=com_content&view=article&id=21&Itemid=20)

Phone: (905) 338-3638
E-mail: info@... (click to compose message)
Website: www.dadacanada.com/

Address: 215 Spadina Ave
4th Floor
Toronto ON   M5T 2C7

Contact 1:
Contact 2:

Issues: Air Quality; Health; Transportation

Region: Toronto
OEN: Member
ID: 2137

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