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How do I add or update a listing?

If at all possible, please use the form on this website. To add a new listing, please use the new listing form. To update a listing or report an error, please use the update form. This saves us a lot of time, reduces the likelihood of errors, and helps us process submissions promptly.

What are the benefits?

Listing in the directory will make your group or organization more accessible to interested individuals, groups and organizations. This can have many positive effects including increased membership, donations, volunteers, information and resource sharing with other groups, etc. Each listing also helps increase the profile of the environmental movement as a whole.

Who can submit a listing?

The directory includes environmental non-governmental organizations, multi-sectoral organizations, government agencies, Aboriginal People's organizations and governing bodies, Green Communities, Stewardship Councils, Conservation Authorities, and Remedial Action Plans.

Any group, organization or agency in Ontario that does work related to environmental issues is welcome to submit a listing. Note that "environment" can include topics that people don't always think of as environmental, such as organic food, fair trade and even peace (war being a major cause of environmental destruction).

How will the information be used?

Listings appear in the Ontario Environment Directory, Environmental Resource Book and Green List, as explained above. The database is also used by the OEN and RCEN to perform referrals in response to inquiries from other groups, individuals, journalists, Environment Canada, etc.

Note that items on the submission form that are indicated with an asterisk (*) – such as home phone number, courier delivery address – are not given out to the public.

How much does it cost?

Listing in the Ontario Environmental Directory is free of charge.

However, it is supported by membership fees – please consider becoming a member of the Ontario Environment Network today. Please see our membership page, or contact us for more information.

How do I fill out the form?

To fill out the form, just type (or paste) as much information as you can. To move from item to item, use your mouse or press the Tab key.

If you press Enter anywhere other than in a multi-line input box, it will prematurely submit the form. If this happens, just click the Back button at the top of your browser, and continue where you left off.

When finished, click Submit. This will send your submission to the OEN Coordinator. Within a few seconds you will see a thank you page, confirming that your submission was sent.

Your listing will appear in the directory the next time the OEN coordinator or staff perform an update, usually monthly.

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