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About us

The objects for which the OEN is incorporated are:

The Corporation shall preserve the environment by:

  1. facilitating communication and cooperation among organizations concerned with the preservation of the environment;
  2. conducting education and research into environmental matters and disseminating the results of such research by means including conferences, seminars, printed material and educational programmes to organizations concerned with the preservation of the environment and the community at large.

The Ontario Environment Network (OEN) is a non-profit, non-governmental network serving Ontario's environmental non-profit, non-governmental community. Ontario has over 700 environmental groups that range from national to neighbourhood-based and focus on a wide range of issues.

The OEN seeks to increase awareness of these organizations and encourage discussions about means to protect the environment. OEN is a non-advocacy network and therefore does not take positions on issues.
The Network provides a central referral service for anyone seeking environmental information, organizes workshops and conferences, publishes resource materials and facilitates issue specific caucuses. The OEN also maintains a database of Ontario environmental groups and a delegate database for public consultations.

The Ontario Environment Network provides a unique forum for Ontario environmental organizations, helping them build environmental awareness throughout the province. By linking environmental groups together, the OEN assists them in sharing ideas and strategies. Environmental organizations have a tremendous opportunity to improve their effectiveness by working with other groups through the OEN. The voice of the environmental community is strengthened through these cooperative efforts.


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Ontario | L7G 4T1

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