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The OEN helps facilitate the operation of issue-specific Caucuses within the network. Caucuses provide a specialized mechanism for OEN member groups to communicate with each other, formulate joint briefs and submissions, participate in consultations, prepare educational resources, promote initiatives, and undertake other activities pertaining to specific issues. The Caucuses also work to develop and maintain consultative relationships with key government ministries and agencies. They are governed by our Caucus Policy.
They, like the OEN, are non-advocacy and do not take positions or stands on issues.

For more information about the OEN Caucuses, their activities, and how to join, please see below or email:
caucus (at) oen.ca 

Biodiversity caucus

1. 2011 - 2020 is the United Nations Decade on BioDiversity;
2. There are International, National, and Provincial BioDiversity Strategies;
3. There is a Biodiversity Council of Ontario (BCO) and the Ontario Environment Network is a recognized member of the BCO;
4. The Ontario Environment Network has a Policy for the creation of caucuses;
5. Plenty Canada, Halton Peel BioDiversity Network, and Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources have reviewed the Caucus Policy and are seeking the initiation of the BioDiversity Caucus;
6. The groups seeking to create the BioDiversity Caucus have met the Caucus Policy.


The Ontario Environment Network establish a BioDiversity Caucus. The BioDiversity Caucus work will include, but is not limited to:

  • supporting and forwarding BioDiversity Strategies and Action Plans
  • creating an enabling and inclusive environment to foster progressive policy
  • educate and mainstream BioDiversity across all sectors in Ontario.

Interested in joining this caucus? email: caucus (at) oen.ca   


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